Giving Responsibilities

This website allows for the processing of donations recipients within the Seventh-day Adventist Churches, administrative offices, and related organisations, institutions and project owners. Donations are collected on behalf of these intended recipients, but the responsibility for secure and accurate and confirmed collection of donations as submitted is the extent of responsibility applicable to the Merchant facilities provider. It is the exclusive responsibility of the donor and the recipient to resolve any other matters relating to the application or use of donated funds, and the donor agrees as a condition of using Giving to hold the Giving and Merchant services providers harmless to any matters relating to the handling of fund and donations records.


In the event you have made a mistake in your donations it is your responsibility to resolve this directly through your church treasurer, or the intended recipient for your donations where appropriate. Some cancellation or transaction change fees may apply at cost where the Merchant incurs additional fees for adjusting transactions.

eGiving Tithes & Offerings

eGiving facilitates the secure online returning of tithe to God. This tithe is directed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church across Papua New Guinea. Because tithe is holy, there are strict guidelines for how the Seventh-day Adventist uses tithe. Tithe is used by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to pay those who are employed to proclaim the gospel and to equip members as disciple makers.

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